The U.G. Profile Streakers.

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The premise is simple:
1) Pick a victim. Anyone at all, friend or foe. (But mods are +1 zillion kudos)
2) Streak thro' their profile with a whoop and a holler. Leave them the url for this page (a calling card if you like).
3) Return to base (here, dummy...), post the victim's url for all to see, and bask in the glory of an act of random stupidity well done.
4) If you have been streaked, it's an invite...join us!
Absolutely no real nudity! We don't want to see it for real, no matter how good or hilarious you think your naked body is...keep it under wraps! Besides, the imagination usually suffices, and it'll only get posted on YouTube anyway!
Also, we will accept no responsibility for anyone who decides to indulge in a spot of one-upmanship in Regent St., Times Sq., a Cup Final, etc.; the police are your shout!
The U.G. Profile Streakers. group forum
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