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Whether it be SE, CE, Custom, McCarthy, Swamp Ash...etc, PRS guitars are now beginning to become popular due to their amazing tone and playability. This group is dedicated to those players who feel they have THE guitar that seperates the men from the boys.

These guitars rule today's world...bringing so much versatility into play. Go buy your strats...we already have them. Pick up your Gibson Les Paul...been there done that. It's time for the new breed of guitars...the guitars that can sound like these popular guitars AND THEN SOME!

Gibson Les Pauls lack the accessibility to those lower frets. That limits the ability to use your guitars to their FULL potential. PRS guitars have the ability to achieve those higher notes...while sounding exactly like Gibson guitars.

Strats have a twangy sound...a sound characteristic of those 50's rock guitar players. Great sound...just lacks the beef! PRS guitars can achieve their sounds...with ease.

Santana has been using PRS guitars for years...he has a very unique tone. This tone you can playing a PRS!

Join this have the most amazing guitars ever made or ever even thought of. Higher quality than Gibson, Fender, Ibanez...etc. Each of your guitars have been crafted with the utmost care...thank Paul Reed Smith for making such great guitars!
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