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Born December 6th 1956, it was 7 years until he first started playing guitar on his Granddad's old acoustic. At 17 he started the band Quiet Riot with reasonable success. In 1979, ex-Black-Sabbath front man Ozzy Osbourne was looking for a guitarist for his solo project and upon hearing Randy play, described it as 'God entering my life'. This is where randy shone having hit singles such as 'Crazy Train' and 'Mr Crowely'. After his second tour with Ozzy, Rhandy was planning on taking a break from rock music and getting a degree in classical guitar. This wasn't to happen though due his tragic death. On March 19th 1982 the band arrived in Orlando, Florida. After driving most of the day, the band stopped for a break. This is when Randy and two others went joy-riding in a small private plane. The plane later crashed killing them all instantly. The guitar world suffered a huge blow that night and will never find a guitarist with Randy Rhoads' talent and ability
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