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Founded: December 04, 2007

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The R.R.L group

Real Rock Lovers

This group is made to share skills/discuss/talk about the Rock writing and singing, learning and playing, about any type of Rock (yes any type of REAL ROCK) and so…
Rockers?! S.o.l.e greet you!!!

Latest news:|| R.R.L Soviet whishes you happy december, no time left till the Christmas || Coming Soon a weekly Rock Magazine from R.R.L the mag will be available free on-line :D

Attention To Newbies

The group is for real rock lovers and not every one can join us. Just for joining us the S.o.l.e has designed a short test which you can find in here After completing the test just leave your score here in comments section… Firstly type [SCORE] and than type your score in percents Note No moderator requests anymore... The soviet will choose whom to promote!!!!

If you’ll complete the test you’ll get an invitation.

Also the R.R.L has invented a very hard test to check out your Rock skills

notice It's not necessary to pass the tes in order to join our group

Main Rules

1. If you see a guy who starts bitching/spamming just report him and the soviet…
2. After 2 reports he must be removed from our group
3. When inviting somebody, just send a private message to him or forward the group...
4. The mods will be promoted every +10 members
5. The soviet will make the desision
6. You can also ignore the double posting (indeed we don't care for that at all)
7. Also we don't care about grammar mistakes and some words like F*ck, Sh!t and so...
8. Fill free to offer more rules which will help us to keep justice, or other offers
9. These rules must be followed and if no than we'll block the bitching guys and block him for a certain time…

The R.R.L Soviet


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The R.R.L Soviet

The Exploring World And Human Nature

The News

Wah Pedals

Whammy Bar


Art Of Love

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