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ReBoot was the first ever CGI television program, debuting back in 1994. The first season was highly episodic, serving as an introduction to the show's settings, characters, and story elements while setting up many recurring jokes for the future. The second season started to show its darker elements and start setting up story arcs, while the first season was filled with episodes that were self-contained.

The main characters at the start of the show were Bob, Dot, Enzo, Phong, Megabyte, and Hexadecimal, with other recurring characters like Mike the T.V, and Captain Capacitor. The show later added more characters to the show’s repertoire like AndrAIa, Mouse, and Ray Tracer.

The show is currently in the midst of a Revival, first with a Web Comic and currently new movies have been green lighted for production. It is unknown at this point where original writers/creators Gavin Blair and Ian Pearson will be involved.

Four season DVD set is out now by Shout! Factory! Check it out, great buy!
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