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Hi everyone thought i'd tell you a bit about my guitar playing history. i've been playing for about 5 year's and still have much to learn/discover, i have no previous experience with music apart from my limited knowledge of the guitar, much of my learning has come from listening, watching and reading, self taught is the two words that most would use i guess.

It's been real tough and i have been at the point where i think it will never come together many many times, i've put so much effort in so many hours almost every day but my fingers seem to let me down, i think i was'nt ever ment to get this for i have no aptitude whatsoever.


Lately something has changed, i make less mistakes and i can make a chord resonate, when i play it actually sounds like music it's almost safe to say, 'i can play the guitar' and when i say that dont take it lightly because i have very high standards when it comes to complimenting myself, it's a curse.

I've got a long way to go and i cant sing, if there's any advice i can give it's start singing from the moment you pick up the guitar and the obvious one 'PRACTICE' every single time you get the chance, you will learn to love the guitar and the guitar will bring you love in return.

I dont know where this will be posted but if you come across it, it's for you. I will carry on learning and one day i will reach the standards that allow me to declare 'i can play the guitar' till then the guitar will be loved and respected more than anyone or thing in my life although if it was a living thing i would've been in prison long ago.
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