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As some of you may know there is a movement trying to make the Trix Cereal Corporation give the Trix Rabbit the cereal that the kids so desperately keep away from the rabbit. They claim that this is a act of freedom and that the rabbit is being discriminated against.

You might think to yourself at first that they are doing whats right but take a moment to think about what will happen if the rabbit gets the cereal... That's right, he will eat it. Trix Cereal is loaded with sugar and other preservatives that will make the rabbit sick and eventfully kill the rabbit.

The kids who keep the Trix away from the rabbit are doing a very good thing, they love the rabbit and what him to live a long happy life. So they don't give him the cereal.

The reason for the leaders coryklok and JacobTheMe wanting the Trix rabbit dead is unknown but we cannot let them get away with murder all while claiming to be freedom fighters.

Join the real freedom fighters and save the rabbit!
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