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That lovely fellow is back, so we need to praise him. The one guitarist to have been born in 1979 yet have a 1960s Gibson Les Paul as his first guitar! Closely followed was his second guitar, a 1973 Fender Tele Deluxe, this followed by many many rare BC Riches, all three Vinnie Vincent V's in production and many rare Jacksons [citation needed], he went on to be a famous musician on the "sunset strip" but funding was pulled and there was no fame followed, years after, mr Smiley became a Guitar Centre employee [citation needed], who gained a family and many more items of gear that are almost as godly as he is. This includes a $125 '65 Fender mustang, a USA made ephiphone, a Fender CS strat and tele, some vintage guitars and his beloved Soldano SLO and Marshall MG.

Oh and sometime in the 31 years he's been around he was at berklee for 4 years. . .apparently goofing off.

Everyone enjoy the return of our hero.
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