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My lifelong dream was to become a bass player. Ever since I was 8 1/2 months old I knew that playing bass was my destiny. I began at the age of 2 playing "bass" on a backward-tuned cello and at the age of 4 moved to a 1/4 sized upright bass. Shortly thereafter I also picked up an electric bass guitar. At age 5, I signed with 6-yr-old manager Gregory Mandalya and booked my first gig. Tragically, this was also my last gig. As my band (The Tator Tots) entered the stage, the crowd went wild. By the middle of the first number a raucous mosh pit had erupted below us. I was rockin out with a little head-banging action and before I knew it, the weight of the bass guitar on my tiny body pulled me forward and I found myself being flung directly into the mosh pit. Due to my diminutive stature, I fell deep into the throngs of people and my right hand was crushed in the chaos that ensued. I suffered no other significant injuries from the fall, but after the accident, my hand was never the same. Once the bones healed, I found I was able to hold a pick well enough to strum a chord, but never again would I be able to pick and slap like I could back in my prime.

So here I am now, 19 years later with a mangled hand and still an undying love for the bass. My only connection to the beautiful instrument now is with those who play it. I have developed an intense attraction to bass players (of both genders, I don't discriminate) and have chosen to create a group in honor of these heroes. So, if you also think that bass players are pretty damn sexy, join with me to celebrate their glory!!
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