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Hopefully, this group will serve as a mini-subforum for singing. There are quite a few people with questions on proper singing technique, breathing, throat and mouth positioning, etc. As there are also tons of requests from crits on peoples' singing, this place can also be used to ask for people to crit your latest vocal track.

It is also intended to organize the large amount of information found in the Singing Thread and in the heads of all of the users who frequent the Singing Thread. There are quite a few people who truly know what they are talking about and hopefully, their knowledge and advice will be able to be organized in a much more efficient manner in this group.

When it comes to the crits, if you don't want to post it in the Recording forum then remember to please be fair and openminded. Everyone appreciates constructice critisicm but please be polite about it!

Be safe and enjoy!
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Singing Crits 7:53pm : Jun 13th, 2009
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