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Founded: December 01, 2007

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The Snappy Collective:

A Collective for victors and a name and shame for those wannabes struck down when they least expected it.

The Snappy Collective stands by the following:

1 - If you have successfully completed an pwn you will be invited to join the group and a thread erected in your honour.

2 - If you have been pwned you will be immortalised in the Hall of Shame. But redemption is offered; should you complete an pwn on the person that put you there, you will be freed.

3 - If a member of the collective is pwned, he/she will be removed from the group and your dedication thread forever tarnished by your ignorance.

4 - This is not encouragement to personally attack people in the hopes of joining. We're here to highlight ignorance and the re-education of ignoramuses.

If you see a perfect pwn somewhere on the forums PM one of the mods of the group or myself with links to the scene and the appropriate action will be taken to bring them into the fold.

Happy Hunting!
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