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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Gio Ozkr

SoaD is back

Current mood: cheerful

Folks as we all know System of a Down is back,:cheers: I feel happy for it. They are for me, the coolest band ever. I know that they are going to be better than the old SOAD. I Just know it. My only hope is that the go on tour to PR, or at least United States. Today im going to play a tribute to them with some friends of mine in a bar for rockers, my first gig. cool huh? Glad SOAD is back.:headbang:, I the happiest fan ever:cheers:
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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Gio Ozkr

Dear Fellow Members.

Current mood: determined

Me Gio Ozkar founder and owner of the SOAD Fan Club has something to tell to the current members or joining members. There are some things that I want to make clear
1- Try not to write stupid,superficial blogs or threads. It may ruin the Group overall aparience. Not that I care what other people think but you never know.
2- Always try to be respectfull to the other members of the group, the same goes with me. You dont know what the other people is going trough and a bad comment in a bad moment may cause trouble.
3- If you have any pictures of SOAD feel free to upload them, NOTE dont upload any copyrighted pictures because it may get you or get me in trouble.
4- If you know of someone that is a fellow fan of SOAD, tell him or her to join this group.
5- Remember that you can discuss about lyrics and post them as blogs. REMEMBER that songs are written by someone so when you post that song, put the name of the composer as copyright rights
6- Enjoy this group and remember that SOAD's Rules.
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