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Monday, June 22, 2009


Left Winged message in my Donald Duck

Current mood: Happily suprised

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Good (for me) night RMF

Today I was doing the washing up (we don`t own a machine so I did it by hand).

Then my sister said to me, You`l love this Donald Duck story.
I normally don`t read the Donald Duck, even thought I like he fact that the major is mostly a Fat Pig with a Cigar who only cares about the elections and all tax-men are rats.

anyway, it started with someone knocking on the door, Donald opens and sees a guy who looks kinda dull who says this (translated from Dutch to English):
you used 2% less electricity this year so we made your bill 20% higher. Then a guy on TV says, Because of the high profit, MR Volta, the boss from the electricity company, earned a 1 million bonus.

But the best is yet to come,
at a certain part two guys, who have a plan to make the citizens work more hours, talk to the major (a fat bald guy with a cigar):
the conversation goes like this

Guys: if our test person needs less than 8 hour rest..
Major: he`l be able to work harder in our 24 hour economy. Maybe even 4 or 5 hour more. Which means more profit and bonuses for the bosses and the citizens will realise their highest goal: to work, work and work.

It all ends with the fact that Donald needs 20 hours sleep for one day, so the plan of the greedy Major fails and we all learned that today's society is to much based on profit and making money.   

Any similar stories here?

All The Best and thanks for reading

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hugh20 wrote on Jun 21st, 2009 9:38pm

those damn commie ducks :D


KenMastersm wrote on Jun 22nd, 2009 10:53am

In the comic novel series "Stormwatch"(which i fully recommend), Stormwatch are a multinational team of superheroes working for the united nations interfering in tough situations.
Anyway, their original Weatherman(that's how their leader is called) H.Bendix goes nuts and he is kicked out of the group for the following reason:

A group of elder and newer superhumans led by a guy called the High, comes along with the plan to ive the human race something like the horn of plenty, gardens that could grow any tachnological or nutricial element for free.
So humans wouldn't need to work or have bosses and governments.

But the Weatherman doesn't like that, because he trully doesn't wan't to change the world, so it all ends up screwed up.


KenMastersm wrote on Jun 22nd, 2009 10:53am

In my oppinion, the team led by the High, presents of how technology could help people reach the classless society, an oppinion shared by many anarchists.
It also shows (in latter volumes of the novel), what happens when that technology is used for moneywashing and moneymaking instead of its true goal.


CbsGuitarist wrote on Nov 2nd, 2009 8:37am



damskippy wrote on Mar 31st, 2010 5:03am

WTF?!?! Donald Duck......HAHAHAHAHA.....HAHAHA. Wait, let me guess; you guys are in the second grade? Yeah the world is going to be conquered by a bunch of comic book inspired 11 year olds. OOOOH, THE HUMANITY! I mean kenmasters I can see, he's delusional to the point of hysteria, but this.... this is, well it's simply awe inspiring. Hell even my wife is laughing, and she never laughs at children. I've a similar story, I killed Donald Duck 6 weeks ago with my shotgun named ironically, capitalist.


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