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A club dedicated to the one and only Led Zeppelin. "Life is short, and worshiping Led Zeppelin is a good way to spend most of it." If you're a fan of Zeppelin, or just can't quite learn a certain part to "Stairway To Heaven", join up, and get HELP....I'm not gonna lie, it took me a good week or so to learn it, but it's a really great song that makes people remember the golden music era.......and not that crappy rap or Emo shit that all these young kids are listening to (this makes me sound like a grandpa). So become a member, write some stuff about Led Zeppelin, and prove you know what you're talk'n about......or get so horibbly shut down, that you never come back to this site again (let's hope the latter doesn't happen). If you know that one of your friends would just love this group, send 'em an inv!

Gettn the Led out, all day, everyday

Stairway To Heaven - live '75

Need some help with the solo? This is more along the lines of the solo on Led Zeppelin IV - a little different than the live version up above.
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