Bring Back The Good Guitarists!!

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Remember a little album called Back In Black? Every song in it had a solo and an outro that was either blues or pure rock and roll. And even when he played a song for Michael Jackson (Somebody please kill him!!), Eddie Van Halen played a solo that really showed his skills as a tapper. Where are the bands that are built around their guitarists now a days? As the real guitarists, you and I have the responsibility to make real bands with real instrumentals. No more boy bands, get rid of the rappers, and please shut up the hip-hoppers! And get these twits who don't deserve to even hold guitars off of the radio and out of the music stores. We challenge you to get this crap off of your iPods and media libraries, out of your presets on your radios, and out of your heads. And I am not saying that Classic Rock is the only genre with talent. I listen to Mozart and Vivaldi too. I am talking about talent. If there was a rapper who had talent I would listen to him. The only problem is that there are none. (Except Jason Mraz, but he wouldnt be classified as a rapper) Find the talent and keep it in our music.

- Peace
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