This town aint big enough for all of us

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this group would like to see only guitarists that genuinely love the guitar, and i mean knowing what everything does and knowing their guitar inside out. too many people have played guitar hero and now think that they can play real guitar, this is wrong, when i started to get to a reasonable level of guitar playing, so much to call myself a guitarist, only a select few people played guitar, and now it seems like everyone is playing guitar and i think we should all form an alliance of REAL guitar players. i mean i have been playing for over 9 years and i used to think that i might mae it as a professional player, but then everyone became interested in it and now we have too many players, i mean those players that can play smoke on the water and think they are the dogs bollocks, come one man. i can understand that people need to be crap before they get good but its the fact that we have sweated and sacrificed a lot to be where we are now, and these people come along and think that it is easy, and most of them give up. so i stand now before you to ask you to join my group and we can finally have a place for the REAL guitarists.
Thank you x x
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