The Borilious Incident

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This conspiracy was discovered on September 1, 2008 when fellow pit monkeys Blitzraptor007 and Disaster_Area42 found some "unusual ingredients" in several brands of popcorn that were endorsed by talk show icon, Oprah Winfrey on her daytime talk show. With further investigations, Blitz and Disaster found out an unusual connection between Oprah and several government top secret programs. These programs deal mostly with biological experiments and mind control. When the chemical analysis from the first test with the butters of several brands of popcorn came positive for traces of the Solanum Virus and the Borilious Virus. These viruses over long amounts of time can affect a human being's brain and nervous system in small amounts being administered over long periods of time. After these results came in, Blitz and Disaster started "Operation Stinging Octopus" on September 6, 2008 to counteract Oprah's secret operations. With other close investigations, resulted in the finding of connections between Oprah and Disney and al Quada as well. In our intelligence collections we have pinpointed the actual date that Oprah plans to use NORAD and SETI to mind-control everyone on Earth (December 12, 2021).

"Operation Stinging Octopus" Members' Official Titles:
Blitzraptor007= Administrator of Anti-Borilious Operations
[[BurnTheDusk]]=Mode rator of Anti-Viral Defense Division
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