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If you know of a band that wish to remain unpopular, post them here. I want to listen to them no matter what genre they are. I want to be their 300th fan. And I want to be their last.

I'd like to think others will feel the same.

Sometimes, as a band progresses and becomes more and more illustrious, their originality and honesty fades. It is to be expected and not to be put down, but is not where I want my favourite band to be.

Other bands simply haven't made it big or have still yet to gather their full audience, and they are more than welcome. In fact, any band is welcome.

You can discuss your opinion as to why you think they belong here, and I can argue with you and tell you how you are wrong. ;)

Here are a few examples of underground/cult bands:

-Yourcodenameis: Milo
-Animal Alpha
-Will Haven
-Sage Francis
-Nickel Eye
-Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster
-Battle of Mice
-Girl in a Coma
-Made Out of Babies
-Russian Circles
-Devil Sold His Soul
-The Blood Arm
-Red Sparowes
-The National
-Phil Keaggy
-Descartes a Kant
-Don Caballero
-Marco Sfogli
-Antony and the Johnsons
-Fair to Midland
-Mr. Meeble
-The Mountain Goats
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