The Day that Music Died

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On March 19, 1982 Randy Rhoads was woken up around seven O'clock in the morning. He was told to go ride on a plane, because it was fun, so he decided to. Randy Rhoads and The band's Personal cook, Rachel Something boarded the plane. The driver of the plane was also the tourbus driver, so he had stayed up all night, shooting coke to stay awake. The plane took off, and started to fly around. The pilot thought it would be funny to scare Ozzy so he took the plane down really low. The plane clipped the tourbus, hit a tree, then crashed into a mansion, and exploded. Nobody really knew what happened. Ozzy was awoken by somebody screaming, later that day, three bodys that were burnt beyond recognition, They later identified the bus driver, due to his dental records, Randy Rhoads, due to all the jewelery he was wearing at the time, and the cook, because of genetics. Ozzy recalls that if he were awake at the time, he would have been on that plane with Randy. Sharon was depressed, she lost Randy, who she thought of as a son, and The cook, who was her best friend.

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