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First heard of this group through the Rolling Stones modern day guitar hero article and when I looked into them for myself I was amazed at the level quality music this band makes, I mean I never much cared for Australian music despite the few exceptions but these guys capture something uniquely Australian in their sound and still manage to be entertaining not to mention the sheer skill of the guitar playing!

So anyway heres some suggested songs and albums and by the way if you like Neil Young, The Velvet Underground or Nick Cave then give these guys a listen please!

-Here Come the Lies
-Wait Long by the River and the Bodies of Your Enemies Will Float By
-The Miller's Daughter
-Gala Mill

First Listening:
-Sharkfin Blues (this is easily one of their best songs)
-The Minotour
-I Am the Supercargo
-Oh My
-You Really Don't Care
-De kalb blues

It's actually really hard to find downloads so I suggest you take a gamble and purchase the albums also heres an official myspace band page, 365
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