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Tool is a progressive rock band from California. They are known for their enigmatic vocalist, Manyard Keenin, who devastates audiences-- devastates them like the blackest of torture on Christmas-- with intense, emotional singing.

They are the least commercially accessible form of progressive rock possible, yet so many of their fans think they're the cat's pyjamas, for the simple reason that they have improved and combined ideas from unsuccessful progressive artists. Strangely, Tool usually chooses bands almost as good as they, to open for them. Stupid fans boo them because their name isn't Tool.

Tool's most recent album, 10,000 Days, features dark lyrics and Maynard becoming Alvin the Chipmunk on possibly the best song the band has ever written, "The Pot." The packaging on the album is extravagant, with three-dimensional stereoscopic imagery. Unfortunately, the band may not know that this type of thing was done years and years ago, and was hardly cool then, let alone thirty years later.

Adam Jones, the guitarist, is known for alternating his drop-D guitar between 942 notes and not soloing. He is also the artwork director for the band

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