The Unholy Bible of the Pit

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Philosophy behind everything: p?t=985234

Yes you did read the tittle correctly. Join if you will.

The Pit's Unholy God = St.Loony
The Pit's Unholy Messiah = Crazymike100
The Pit's Unholy Archbishop = bigmac2244
The Pit's Unholy Executioner = justinb904
The Pit's Unholy Apostle = DirtyMakik
The Pit's Unholy Prophets:
The Pit's Unholy Monks:

*Others coming soon*

1. Thou Shalt Not Fail.
2. Thou Shalt Properly Know The Archaic Noun Cases Before Attempting To Use Them.
3. Thou Shalt Help Your Fellow User If He Asks For It.
4. Thou Shalt Fap To An Extensive Amount.
5. ?

1. Getting Pwned.
2. Not Using The Searchbar.
3. Using A Meme On Someone, Unless It Is Ludicrously Funny.
4. Fapping to an extensive amount.
5. ?

1. "When you can snatch the kiwi from my hand, then you may keep the kiwi"
2. ?

1. The Holy Land = The Pit
2. The Temple = "The Unholy Bible of the Pit" Group Page
3. ?
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