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Born on the 1st of november, on
Well, the happy news has arrived. It's going to be a boy since we'll be swamped with perverted old uncles otherwise.
Kensai has been decided as the lucky father, also a crying from happiness(let's hope it is anyway) jackass babe reported as being the mother. Let's hope she's right cause else I don't wanna know where it came from.

Dexter - baby of ug has so far... not said a bloody word yet. We'll keep you posted, goodnight.

------------------------------------ -------------------------------------------
25-11 -2007

Dexter - baby of UG is apparantly producing noices in the not so quiet sense of the word. It seems to be crying, eating, biting, kicking, scratching, screaming, puking and shitting it's way through the net leaving behind the fertilized remains of who/whatever unfortunate victim it came across... it's alive!! It's alive whaohahaaa...snore...

------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----

Dexter will be saying his first word, poll will be up for voting.

And it seems Dexter turned out to be a real metalhead thanks to all it's cooperative family members and it's community. METAL!!! instead of food, mama and the ussual nasty comment turned out to be the biggest influence on Dexter. Let's just hope he doesn't turn out like any of us, worse most likely. Within a few months and if my memory keeps functioning up to standards (3-letters a minute) we'll be able to see if Dexter will turn out to be a healthy little pest, or pestfilled little welp - coming soon The Deeds, Deseases and Causes of little Dexter.

--------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------
Dexter apparantly felt the need to expose the true pride of the internet. The enormous e-penis of the so far barely half a year old baby has so far impressed if not pressed in several of UG's Pit Monkeys. Also another unlucky victim of the Dexterminator was the 5 year old daughter the neighbours where so kind enough to set loose within a 5 mile radius of Dexters cage, she is so far being held in a military hospital in Zimbabwe. Coming soon "Dexter first friends"
---------------------------------------- -------------------------------------
As evidence of the poll shows, Dexter seem to have a nasty attraction towards elderly men handing out candy to children below the age of consent(or at least below belt height).
Coming up next, Dexter goes to school!
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