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Founded: February 19, 2008

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Join the UG Military and help us in world domination!!

Allies in our mission:
The League of Guitarists ts/

SeveralSpecies - Bear Cavalry

Skullbolt - Commander of all missiles.

Flying Couch - Zeppelin Division

Bendystraw - Condor squadron

RevaM1ssP1ss - Laser Shark fleet

wiliscool: Narwhal Captain

Angus is god - Helicopter division

loganrocksabass - blood thirsty, first born raping, child devouring kitchen appliances

Holy. - He serves the Lemonade

valennic - Commander of the legion of Gain monkeys

aig91 - wielder of the Red Rickenbacker

AquaFinaGloss - Medic

Boogie Man - lolcat division

bob-thebuilder - Monster Koala division

[ LiAm ] - Ninja Squadron

hngr4thegr8lite - Weapons Mistress

mikko 9119 - Commander of Food Service.

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