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That's right, this is your chance to have your songs broadcasted to anyone in the world.
This is going to be great exposure for everyone who writes music, and a great experience for anyone who likes to listen to music, since they will be exposed to all the great music UG has to offer.

For this, we need the support of the users:

1. This is the most important thing. we need your songs, and ALOT of them. As many as possible. I can't promise that all songs sent to us will be included in the broadcast, because we're going to try and keep the quality consistant, but we're not Nazis, we're not looking for perfect recordings, but they should convey a decent amount of effort and work. No sending in Guitar Pro files, only MP3's. Also, be sure to label your track with the following system: "Username/Band - Track title"

Send any music you wish to submit to , and it will be reviewed by our team of crack experts.

2. We are currently trying out different hosting and streaming possibilities, one of them being broadcasting over
For this, please check out this link: LINKY
download it and play it with your media player (It's been confirmed that it works with iTunes, VLC Player and Winamp), try it with any media player you have, report any problems that you have (low quality, link doesn't work, file won't open with your player). it is currently broadcasting UG albums (the metal and electronic albums)

3. Help! If you're interested in supporting the UG Community Radio, post here! Creating a 24/7 Broadcasting station is no easy task, and we need all the help we can get!

This idea has been attempted many times before, and it, for some reason, has always failed.
However: with the huge influx of albums and user-generated content, I believe it is time to create a UG Radio station that plays only songs created by the users. But a couple of guys can't do it alone: We need the support and interest of as many people as we can get to achieve this and keep it running. We believe this will greatly benefit the users of UG, give everyone a chance to get their music out there, and give people the opportunity to hear the great music that UG has to offer.

I have been informed of the following legal issues, so here's a Disclaimer:

- Covers are only allowed with written permission by the artist. So, most likely, your covers won't be allowed if they're of famous bands.

- By sending material to the supplied Email adress, you are agreeing that you are the owner of the music and recording, and that you hold all rights to that music and are allowing it to be broadcasted.

- If you are signed to a label, you will need written permission from the label that the song can be broadcasted without fees before you can send in a song.

- If you are untruthful with your submission, you are responsible for any legal action taken against the broadcasting of your song. Your song will then of course be taken off air.

Don't let that scare ya, as long as you're not signed to a record label, send me an Email with your full name and the sentence "I own all rights for this song"

If you have any comments, opinions, ideas, whatever, just post in here, or in the following thread: p?t=1302707

So, excelsior and shit.
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