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Founded: July 22, 2008

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Group for all of us Jedi to become one with the force, and discuss and educate each other on the force.

Give me a reason as to why you want to join if you want to.

Oblivion_Rps (me): Jedi Master Oblivion.
Lucky69: Padme
Big Fury Monkey: Boss Nass
Aerorocker: Yoda
wablahblahblah: Kit Fisto
sakura'sdarkest: Master Revan
Jaysifer: Master Mace Windu
opc100: Cheif Maroon Con Vindict
AVA_Plus44_182: Jedi Pilot.
Lord_Hondros: Jedi Knight Hondros
jpgilbert701: Obi-Wan Kenobi.
Mustaine*Laiho: Yado
The_Paranoia: Anakin Skywalker.
andyd93: Pilot
Wizards?: Qui Gon Jinn.
Rockin' Texan: Knight of the Old Republic.
Rancidryan: Luke "sissy" Skywalker.
NathanWolff: Jedi Apprentice.
thrashfan: Kyle Katarn.
samm12: Plo Koon.
timo1: Ki Adi Mundi.
drossboot: Han Solo.
SuperKoolKid: Anakin Solo.
thedudemeister: Jerec.
I-Watch-Anime: C-3PO
Blitzraptor007: Master Sifo-Dyas
dwnbowden: Jaden Korr
Hoodoo Child: Exar Kun
jeremessmore: Starkiller
Nightfyre: Jacen Solo
jibran: Wedge Antilles
MachinegunKelly: Kyp Durron
red_hot_chili18: R2-D2
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