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This group is kinda my own little experiment.

So one day I was sitting around watching Vh1 classic and That Metal Show came on. And anyone who's aware of the show knows that at the end of the show they have a debate on who's better than who. Then it hit me. What about the publics opinion on the topic at hand? So that's why, at the beginning of every month I'm gonna post my own version of That Metal Show's "Throwdown".

But I do have rules that everyone must follow. These are all rules that must be followed or your comment will be over looked and would end up meaning nothing.

1. You must have something intelligent to say. I figured a lot of people are gonna make comments like: "OZZY RULEZ" or "FALL OUT BOY SUX". So please, before you leave a comment put some thought into it first.

2. I will be the judge of the debate. Though I do have my own personal opinions on all the topics, I am still fair enough to play devils advocate. So don't flame me when something doesn't go your way. Clearly, someone else made a better arguement.

3. Don't just side with the person who's dead.
(This is more of a rule to help expand your opinion.)
If you side with the person who's dead, than your only reason for siding with the person is because they have, what I like to call, "Death Points". This is basically just siding on one side out of the respect of the dead. But please, put real thought into your arguement to help stimulate the debate.

So I don't know about you guys, but I'm excited/curious on how this is gonna work out.
Also, I've given all my members the ability to invite who ever they want to join the group. Just as long as they participate.

-I hope you enjoy; my little droogies.
UGs Online Music Debate group forum
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