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Thursday, October 29, 2009


New Tabs Design

After months of hard work and preparation we are happy to present you a brand new look of guitar tabs on Ultimate Guitar!

Head over to any Chords Tab (from our Top 100, or take this and this tabs as examples) to see the updated layout. We are looking forward to hearing your thoughts and bug reports to polish the new design before applying it to the rest of the tabs.

If you have any problems or just want to express your opinion, leave your comments in this thread!
11:17 pm - 51 comments - 61 Kudos
Friday, September 11, 2009


Chat with your UG friends using Meebo IM!

We are happy to announce a test launch of the Meebo Community IM service on Ultimate Guitar. This means that now you can chat with your UG friends and buddies from dozens of various IM platforms straight from your favorite guitar website!

The bar, which you can see at the bottom of the page, is currently available only on the Community pages (user and artist profiles, and groups), but in just few weeks you will be able to use it everywhere on UG.

What is Meebo IM?

It's dead simple: this browser-based chat client allows you to communicate in real-time with your friends on Ultimate Guitar, all you need is just to log-in to the site!

If you also want to talk with friends on any chat network Meebo supports (including AIM, MSN, ICQ, Facebook, Gtalk and much more), then sign up for a free Meebo account here, add the desired networks to your profile and sign-in to Meebo through the bar on UG.

Share the pages

As another bonus addition, Community IM has a cool sharing feature. Click the "Share" button at the bottom left hand corner of the chat bar, and either send a link of the page you are currently viewing to Facebook, Twitter, or Email, or to any of your buddies in the chat list (just click on the username).

In other words - just try it, it's very simple and intuitive.

PS: Here is the official feedback/reports thread.

PPS: Clear your browser's cache if you don't see the bar on the community pages.
11:58 pm - 18 comments - 31 Kudos
Saturday, August 15, 2009

Till From Kenig

Why did you recomended me this tab? Part 2

I want to explain how our "recomended tab" widget works.

As you can see from explain feature our recomendations are based on your favorite tabs and artists. So if you have lot's of tabs and artists in your favorites, you get more recomendations and less random tabs. Still there always will be a chance of getting random tabs. I personaly think it's not such a bad concept.

As for the recently added, recomendations are not based on your profile or site activity, it's just most popular tabs that were recently added into our archive.

1:18 am - 9 comments - 21 Kudos
Thursday, August 13, 2009

Till From Kenig

Why did you recomended me this tab?

If you ever used "Recomended tab" widget on main page you must've been wondering: where ug takes those recomendations from? So we decided to add some new functionality to our widget: whenever you've got new recomendation, you can click "i" icon in top left corner and you'll get explanation how we got this exact recomendation.

I personally think it is great addition to this widget :)

9:16 pm - 12 comments - 19 Kudos
Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Till From Kenig

Recomended tabs widget update and new favicon

We've improved our recomendation system: now it shows best tabs from artists that are related to those in your favorites. So I expect it to give more accurate results.

Also we've changed our favicon (at the moment it affescts profiles only). If you'll like it more then previous one, we'll aply it on other parts of UG.

So we need your feedback: what do you think about these changes?

9:53 pm - 25 comments - 32 Kudos
Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Till From Kenig

New UG player

So I'm glad to say that our flash coders completely rewrote UG's mp3 player. Both functionality and interface are still the same, but whole coding is new. It became 2 times smaller and we expect it to be 100 times less buggy

If something is not working for you properly don't forget to clear your browsers cache first. If that won't help, pleasere report it

8:13 pm - 12 comments - 22 Kudos
Friday, July 24, 2009


New Widget Features

Now you're allowed to move the widgets panel up and down within the page (e.g. so it can be placed between a panel with Music Reviews, Music News, Interviews and a panel with Columns, Community, Tabs). You are not able to move around the News block, for example, but you get a possibility to lower your widgets on the main page with ease.

Also "Recomended Tabs", the most popular widget, now have a "dislike" button, alowing you to mark tabs or bands that you don't want to appear in the widget.

5:56 pm - 16 comments - 26 Kudos
Tuesday, July 21, 2009


UG Widgets: Going Strong

So folks, it's been two weeks since the Modul.... *cough*, sorry, Widgets were launched. The launch, by the way, went extremely well - almost without any glitches (thanks to our coders' hard work and intensive testing).

As some of you probably noticed, we have dropped our internal "modules" title used for the project (just to avoid the confusion). Aside from that, during the two-weeks period we've learned what you want from the Widgets most of all.

One of the first improvements will be a feature, allowing you to move the widgets panel up and down within the page (e.g. so it can be placed between a panel with
Music Reviews, Music News, Interviews and a panel with Columns, Community, Tabs). You won't be able to move around the News block, for example, but you'll get a possibility to lower your widgets on the main page with ease.

The next update will concern Recommended Tabs, the most popular widget so far. Our developers are currently working on improving its algorithm. One of the nicest features will be a "dislike" (or "ignore") button, allowing you to affect the recommendations yourself.

What's next? Get you vote right now at this location!

We are looking forward to getting your feedback, thank you!


PS: Check out the official UG page on Facebook. I promise to update it from time to time
10:20 pm - 3 comments - 14 Kudos
Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Till From Kenig

MSN adresses and spammers

Many UGers have been reciving spam emails with reference to lately. I think that spammers just lurk through UG profiles and forums and pick the email adresses. So if you don't want to recieve spam, do not publish your email address on your public pages.

Apparently some users show their MSN name on their profiles and
usually MSN IM name is a email address at the same time. I've came up with some kind of solution: now your MSN adress will be displayed on your profile only for your friends. If you still want to show your MSN to everyone, you can set this option in your account's settings.

5:08 am - 11 comments - 37 Kudos
Thursday, April 16, 2009

Till From Kenig

Blogs in groups

UG Team did another thing to improve group profiles functionality: we've added blogs to them (as you can see ). Unfortunately we've forgot to add new settings in group's profile, so at the moment any member of the group can post to group's blog, I think that we'll fix it in a week.

Also we've created our own corporate blog, the place where we will post anouncements, polls and important news.

7:01 pm - 3 comments - 6 Kudos
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