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The group for the upcoming UG United metal album. Everybody's free to join and record, provided there are vacant spots left. UG UNITEEEEED!!!!!!

Track 1
Vocals: VACANT
Rhythm Guitar: Nebraskan
Lead Guitar: Kepulix
Bass: wintee_madness

Doom Track
Vocals: webbtje
Rhythm Guitar:webbtje
Lead Guitar: Mr.President
Bass: EvilWeevil
Synth: Magero

Groove/Thrash Track
Vocals: Renka
Guitar 1: Zaphod_Beeblebr
Guitar 2: Renka
Bass: Vacant
Drums: GoodCharloteSux

"Men Become Gods" Black Metal Track
Vocals: VACANT/whirleygig
Rhythm Guitar: whalepudding
Bass: Mudvayne_4_Life/Zaphod_Beeblebr

" RZA" Power Metal Track
Vocals: flame843
Rhythm Guitar: Annihilator666
Lead Guitar: Kepulix
Bass: ever dying
Drums: Kepulix
Synth: Magero

Oldschool DM Track
Vocals: Stranglehold (not 100% certain though)
Rythm Guitar: Guitarmike123
Leadguitar: Annihilator666

Progressive Metal Track
Vocals: Necrolust (clean)
Vocals: Necrolust (growls)
Lyrics: Duncang
Lead Guitar: ...RedDeath9 & Guitar_Dan_666
Rhythm Guitar: Guitar_Dan_666 & RedDeath9
Bass: BadBishop
Synth: Magero
Drums: Necrolust

Symphonic Black Metal Track
Vocals: VACANT
Rhythm Guitar: Guitar_Dan_666
Lead Guitar: insideac
Bass: Annihilator666
String parts: Magero

"88" Melodeath Track
Guitars: Delanoir (Lead),
Annihilator666 (Rhythm),
buckethead_jr (solo and overdubs)
Bass: Deliriumbassist
Vocals (growls and clean): Spynal
Drums - Necrolust
Composition/lyrics - duncang

"March into the Brewery" Folk Metal Track
Rythm Guitar : *yournamehere*
Vocals : Spynal
Lead Guitar : Zaphod_Beeblebr
Bass : Zaphod_Beeblebr
Violin : Necrolust
Accordeon : Necrolust
Other crap : Necrolust
Drums : Necrolust

Heavy Metal Track
Guitars: darkstar2466/Zaphod_Beeblebr
Bass: witnee_madness
Vocals: Eladamri
Synth: Delanoir

Technical Death Metal Track
Composer : Necrolust
Rythm Guitar : Necrolust unless someone wants to participate
Lead Guitar : Necrolust
Vocals : Spynal.
Drums : Necrolust
Bass : Vacant or Necrolust again.

"Quiescence" Instrumental Track
Electric Guitars - Dyer's Eve
Acoustic (Steel) - Zaphod_Beeblebr
Acoustic (Nylon) - Reject_666_6
Bass -
Keys/Atmosphere - Magero
Drums -

"Depths of Hell" Thrash Metal Track
Guitar - wozzsta
Drums - 12jim34
Bass - 12jim34
Vocals - Renka / still looking for others as well.
Lyrics - wozzsta
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