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UneXpecT (And Avant Garde) Fans Unite!!!!

UneXpecT is an Extreme Avant-garde metal band from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. They mix elements of Black, Death, Progressive and Melodic Metal; Classical, Operatic, Medieval, Goth, Electro, Ambient, Psychotic, Noise and Circus Music with an occasional jazzy touch.The collective includes a violin, keyboards/sampling (He left after the last album came out), a singing contemporary dancer, a 9 stringed bass, 2 guitarists/singers and a drummer. With a crew composed of 7 different beings, the atmosphere sometimes takes a form of symphonic proportion by its sound diversity and arrangements. The vocal performance of the two singers range from one extreme to the other as they alternate between glorious choirs; inhuman screams of deep, high, mid-growl and delirious intensity; theatrical narrations and clean/sober sections strewn with bewitching feminine singing pleasures.
Their crazy and genius. and addictive, once you start listening to them you can't ever be..... not listening to them........

MemberS oF UneXpecT:
SyriaK - Guitar, Vocals
ArtagotH - Guitar, Vocals
ChaotH - 9 String Bass Monster
Landryx - Drums, Percussions
Leïlindel - Vocals
Blaise Borboën-Léonard - Violin

They used to have a keyboard player (ExoD), but he left after the last album came out.......

UneXpecT DiscographY:
Utopia - 1999 (Full Length)
_wE, Invaders - 2003 (EP)
In A Flesh Aquarium - 2006 (Full Length)
Fables Of The Sleepless Empire - 2011 (Full Length)

UneXpecT are Amazing!!!!!!!!

UneXpecT Is The Best Fucking Band Ever!!!!!! Group group forum
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