I threaten peoples lives daily due to valvekings

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This group is for those who despise the usage of "GET A VALVEKIGN. AWSM FOR EVERYTHING!"
First off, the valveking, stock has horribly sterile cleans. It drives me nuts, other than the fact of it being non distortion, there was no point of putting a clean channel on a valveking. Meaning, that it's an absolute horrid channel that only is used because of the fact that it is distortion free.
Secondly, contrary to ibanezPsycho, you do not need the valveking 212 for the headroom. Because everyone plays stadiums and WILL need to crank their amp's master volume past 5 and have t00b breakup, and then therefore lose a good metal tone. Why are you that worried about tone in the first place? It's a VALVEKING. It's a budget tube amp, not a high preformance metal machine. Now, i could understand you if you were talking about a 5150 that was somehow being pushed to tube breakup (are you playing gigs of 200+ people?) that you would want to go the higher wattage route, but still.
Not only that, is a valveking (IMO, again) only has a good tone when you spend a bunch more on extras. That is, usually a boost, a new speaker (or if you're an idiot and got the 2x12, 2 speakers) and a nice set of tubes. After that, you're looking at close to 200 bucks. At which case, you probably could have gotten a used 5150, which has a superior metal tone. As far as i know, mike.h is the only person who has achieved good valveking tone.
But enough of my ranting. I made this group, because i wanted to know if i was the only person saying: "IF YOU BUY A VALVEKING, I'M GOING TO RAPE YOU!".
I threaten peoples lives daily due to valvekings group forum
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