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So it has come to this. It appears that Thornography has started an upheaval. This cannot be allowed. Along with his minions, Captainjackass (who I now regret to employ as a moderator on my more popular "Missle Silo" group) and Darkstar2466 have decided to change the way of the English language. The language we have learned to love and adore. Not only are they changing the way things are spelled, but they are removing one of the greatest letters in our English alphabet. C. The third letter. If we allow this to happen, gone will be the days of "cereal" and "complete". We will be forced to succumb to things like "quik" and "kruntshy". This cannot happen. This K-fad, as we will call it, has caught on rapidly. We are the resistance against this cruel campaign of constant and improper corrections! We stand for freedom! For justice!! FOR THE LETTER C! VIVE LA RESISTANCE!
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