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They Heard Watlurk

They say it rose from primordial ooze as a result of some things mankind was not supposed to know... and must pay for. They say it has many parts maybe resembling a bear or a lion, and maybe even multiple arms. Some have described it as an Alsation with the legs of a cockroach. This, it must not be named. This... thing. It is not marely the imaginations of these peoples. There's been many accounts of its sighting. Many monster-goers have commented that there may be an even larger one than the ones being seen.

Could it all just be one big lucid dream?

Maybe look in the mirror. Per chance, it might be you...

They are coming... i can feel it. I can hear their wavering voices chattering down the silence of my enquirium. Hopeful

the end... or is it?



1. You don't talk about watlurk(the group) outside of here.
2. Talk about watlurk.
3. Spread the watlurk.
4. Watlurk sparingly as... it can cause the "warning" if spammed too much.
5. There are no rules.



Invite all that you can. Thank yous

wat :lurk: group forum
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