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The Young Ones is a comedy about four students living in Britian in the 1980s during the Thatcher era. It is possibly the best program ever made.

Vyvyan (Ade Edmonson)- A very violent Punk taking a medical course at college. Owns a yellow Ford Anglia with red flames on the sides, and attacks Rick and Neil frequently. Has the ability to create potions that transform people into axe-wieling homicidal maniacs.

Rick (Rik Mayall)- A self-proclaimed anarchist who studies sociology and domestic science. Believes himself to be the most popular flatmate despite the fact Vyvyan calls him not a friend, but a 'complete bastard'. He calls himself the spokesperson of a generation and is always trying to impress others with non-existent wit and talent.

Neil (Nigel Planer)- A tall, gangly hippie and vegetarian. Is frequently abused by all the other flatmates, mostly Rick. Neil is an insomniac, believing sleep 'gives you cancer' and tries to commit suicide often. However, he does have two friends- a fellow hippie named Neil and a hippe called Warlock.

Mike (Christopher Ryan)- The self proclaimed 'cool guy'. He generally makes most of the decisions in the house and is never challenged. Thinks himself to be a ladies man, but has to admit his viginity on one episode.

SPG- Vyvyans glaswiegan hamster. Much like Vyvyan, is very violent and electricutes him after Vyvyan eats a television.
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