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My name is Zach, aka footsteps7173. Im a 19 year old college freshman. I am in a bad situation. In the past 2 years I have slowly become more fat than muscle. I used to play football in HS, and I was in decent shape, not great, just decent. But now I am a mess. I used to be 61, now I am 511. I used to be 200 pounds and pretty solid. Now I am 215 and mushy. I used to squat 315 a few times, now I bet you I couldnt max at my own body weight. Never been good at bench, at the end of last years season I maxed out at 185, now I can hardly do 15 pushups. I bet you I cant even run the mile under 15 minutes. Sad, but true. Lots of sleepless nights, constant headaches, forgetfullness, fatigue, Hell, I dont even get fulfilled playing the guitar much anymore. All I feel like doing is spending down time with my girlfriend or sleeping, or taking BC powders so I dont have to have a headache when I sleep. Im hooked on BCs. and I dont want to be. Shoulder problem? Its because I have let my body go to s**t. Pics to come in a few days so yall can get the grim pic.

I have been eating a wide variety of everything in the meat and fats sections of the health pyramid. Cheetoes, Fritos, Lays, Munchos, Tacos, burritos, Burgers, Fries, Pizza, Bojangles, BK, McDs, MOUNTAIN DEW. Yummy, but now I look back on all I ate, and am completely disgusted with myself. Im giving it all up. NOW. I need to change.

Last night my girlfriend called me and asked me to come over to talk. When I got there she was crying. I asked what was wrong. She said, you. Not as in I dont love you anymore, its over, but the you that meant that she was that worried about me. She was worried because she looked up the possible meanings of all my constant excruciating headaches, fatigue, so on and so on, and the first one she saw was brain tumor. What a wake up call. She loves me, and has stated that shes with me to the end, and Im very lucky to have her. I already knew in the back of my mind what to do. I just never had the drive or motivation. But I do now.

You guys, (and gals) I need to get back into shape. You are asking Y r u wasting our time? Well, I come to my fellow guitarists and musicians to humbly ask you to be a HUGE part of my support system. Sure I have my fam, my gfs fam, and my few friends, but you guys can help too, I hope. There are THOUSANDS of you guys. Id like to sticky this so that I can keep you guys updated and yall can give me advice, pointers, encouragement, and I would like this to be a motivational post for anybody else in the same screwed up position. Ill be keeping the whole thing updated with changes that I notice, asking 4 guidance if I hit a plateau, etc.

Starting this morning, I am going to wake up EVERY morning 7 days a week, 365 days a year at 6:00. Then out for a 30 minute walk that hopefully turn into a jog soon and then into a run. Then bak home to eat a breakfast, which used to be a cheese biscuit and a mountain dew. Now its gonna be something a lot healthier, like eggs and toast or something along those lines. MWF I will be headed out to the gym after my classes end at 1200. Lifting weights to tone up and strengthen my whole body. Then off to the library (or job if I can ever find one) after a nutritious lunch made at home to do homework, study, cool down, keep u guys posted, w/e. Then home or gfs house to eat a dinner that hosts some veggies!!! :/ not looking forward to that part, but I gotta do it.

I am completely asking forgiveness from the previous spamming, and am begging the mods to see this and grant me my wish of stickying this for me. I ask only this one favor guys, because my life is about to turn 4 the great, and I really need this help.

Thanks for at least reading this,
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